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Is Your Organization Future-Proof ?


Before investing in change and transformation, or to re-assess the change opportunities, it’s a good idea to evaluate how your organization would fare if it were to face unpredictable threats or opportunities.

But don’t launch a long, tedious, and expensive diagnostic with complex tools, a myriad of KPIs and an army of consultants yet! Fortunately, there exists simple practices and tools to help you discover just enough to get started quickly on the most effective changes and leadership development opportunities.

At the core of our approach are two models that have demonstrated their effectiveness with thousands of leaders across thousands of organizations.

At its simplest, business agility is a set of organizational capabilities that affords your business the flexibility to achieve its purpose, no matter what the future brings. Looking at your current organization from the perspective of Business Agility Institute’s 12 domains provide a systemic view, with the underlying assumption that an adaptable organization will be as adaptable as its least agile part.


The Leadership Circle assessment empowers leaders with clear cut insights into their leadership strengths and development opportunities. Driven by an exhaustive database of over 4 million assessments, the Leadership Circle assessment is a data-driven model for leadership development trusted by the most influential companies in the world.

Because an assessment should always lead to actionable conclusions, you can then seamlessly formulate experimental improvements. An experimental improvement is something that you will try, for some specific period, and in some limited scope, to validate the improvement’s assumptions before expanding is. The experimental improvement might be either an organizational capability or a leadership behavior. It’s critical to frame these improvements as experiments and not as ordinary actions. Indeed, it emphasizes that they will require executing multiple tasks, new behaviors, and more importantly that the target outcome is not guaranteed, as is always the case when learning is involved.

Let Us Help You !

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