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Exploring the Leadership Imperative

Become an ICAgile  Leading with Agility  certified professional 

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As leaders in times of ever-accelerating disruptive change, it is imperative that we commit to the deliberate and continuous improvement both of ourselves and of the organizations we serve. Once enough of us have done this, human-centered organizations that take care of all their stakeholder constituencies - including society at large and the environment - will become the norm.

The course leverages varied and complementary learning experiences and approaches, from guided discussions to interactive collaboration, individual reflection, and short lecture bursts. The primary objective is to deepen participant’s understanding of and commitment to exploring the leadership imperative.

Guided activities help participants reflect on their own leadership style and on how they can put their new leadership skills to use in areas such as:

Our approach is unconstrained by dogma and adherence to limited sets of methodologies or practices. We have freely combined elements and approaches from neuroscience, positive psychology, and the social sciences with traditional, Agile and lean project and product paradigms. By doing so, we are providing a far-reaching and impactful learning experience that will leave participants with a strong desire to experiment with the different tools, techniques, mindsets, and ways of reframing problems which they will have encountered - many of which potentially for the first time - over the course's duration.

To encourage the application of learnings in the participants’ real work and life, the 14-hour course is followed by two Sharing sessions a few weeks after the training is completed (Sharing sessions are not part of the eligibility requirements for ICP-LEA certification).

Learning path

Learning path

As explorers of leadership, learners will go on an exciting adventure across three dimensions of leadership:

  • Servant leadership

  • Value creation

  • Transformation

Who is this training for?

Who is this training for?


This course is for aspiring as well as experienced leaders and managers, working in any sphere of human activity, who have come to feel that traditional ways of leading and managing are no longer enough to allow our organizations and communities to thrive.


People in several professions – such as managers, executives, HR professionals, transformation and change management leaders, finance and project management professionals - working with small and large organizations in various industries and in many countries, have enjoyed Exploring the Leadership Imperative. The quality and diversity of participants is an integral part of the learning experience.

Private Training

Enhance your team's effectiveness with instructor-led training delivered privately to your organization, live online, or to any preferred location.

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Upcoming classes
Course timeline

Course timeline


The course has been designed to provide an optimal learner’s experience. It relies on various interactions to ensure that instructor-led class time is used for value-added activities.




There are no formal pre-requisites. However, to benefit from the learning experience, we strongly recommend that participants have significant work experience and are in a position where they can exert leadership (influencing others; not necessarily formal/positional power).

There are no pre-requisites in agile knowledge or experience.

ICP-LEA eligibility

Eligibility requirements for ICAgile ICP-LEA certification


The course includes a final assessment consisting of questions that participants will answer between class sessions. The assignment focuses on helping participants reflect on how they can improve their leadership skills and apply the learnings in real situations. Instructors will assess the participants’ eligibility for the ICP-LEA certification based on their participation in class discussions and their assignment. The ICAgile certification fee is included in the course fee.


Katia Basilla
Strategic and Transformational Leader

This course helped me gain more confidence in influencing transformations with agility. I recommend to other professionals needing to take leadership roles in organizational transformations.

Michèle Barsalou
Organizational Development Consultant

This training is a must for leaders and change agents who wish to foster their agile transition. I had access to a rich toolbox of models and practices to support my initiatives. Thanks to the awesome instructors!

Nicolas Tremblay
Change Management Specialist

Featuring dynamic trainers and relevant exercises, this course is an excellent tool to guide leaders through a digital or agile transformation.

What people say



Agile Leader Academy’s instructors have at least ten years of real-world leadership, transformation, and agility experience. They have played key roles in organizational transformations and performed leadership coaching in complex work situations. Our instructors can connect course topics with real anecdotes and stories to facilitate the applicability of course learnings.

Additionally, Agile Leader Academy’s instructors have at least 500 hours of professional teaching and facilitating experience with recognized organisations such as professional certifications bodies and universities.

Bruno Collet - ICAgile Authorized Instructor.png
Daniel Gagnon

Daniel Gagnon is an organizational agility advisor, coach, and trainer with close to three decades of diversified project management and IT experience.


He is one of two PMI Disciplined Agile Fellows in the world as well as an active member of the DA advisory council; has contributed snippets of thought to 3 books on DA, and trained hundreds of learners around the world at all levels of DA Certification.

Over the years, he has thus provided training to more than 2,000 individuals in DA, Scrum, SAFe, an ACP test preparation course, and the Agile Leadership Journey for leaders and executives.

His agile coaching and training engagements over the past 10 years have been with diverse clients ranging from the financial sector to public utilities and government entities (Federal, Provincial and Municipal). He has coached at all levels, from executives to teams and individual contributors.


Daniel describes himself as a passionate servant leader and ethical disruptor. 

Bruno Collet - ICAgile Authorized Instructor.png
Bruno Collet

Bruno Collet is a consultant, coach, and trainer in leadership and organizational agility. For the past 15 years, he has helped organizations develop the capability to anticipate and react to changes better and faster. In one word: Agility.

His approach leverages action-learning to build leadership and management skills tailored for the organization’s specific challenges and effective in a complex and volatile world.

Through his interventions with numerous companies in Canada and internationally, Bruno Collet had the opportunity to help leaders and their organizations benefit from the values, knowledge and know-how of leadership agility and organizational agility.

Bruno Collet holds an MBA, a MSc. in computer science as well as several professional certifications. He is also a trainer, speaker and author with recognized organizations.

Change and cancellation

Change and cancellation policy


We understand that plans can change.

Participants can change their registration to another scheduled Exploring the Leadership Imperative class up to 30 days before the start of the original class, subject to the availability of subsequent classes. This can only be done once.


Participants can cancel their registration up to 15 days before the start of the class and get a refund of 50% of the course fee. After this date, there is no refund.

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