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In one-to-two hours, Discovery workshops offer independent expert answers to starter questions such as: What is it and why does it matter? What are the trends and what are others doing? What are the good practices and pitfalls? What can it do for us?

 discovery workshop 

The Future-Proof Assessment

Explore assessment models to better understand where your organization and leadership stand in their ability to adapt, paving the way for an evolution toward a more adaptable organization and leadership styles congruent with organizational agility.

 discovery workshop 

Leadership Agility

This workshop explores the different stages of leadership development and how each stage proposes skills and behaviors that are effective in various situations. As a result, participants discover situational leadership and leading change and transformation.

 discovery workshop 

The Habits of a Catalyst Leader

This workshop aims to raise awareness of the delays in value streams – not to mention the loss of agency and commitment – that occur when leaders get caught up in micro-management. An individual exercise based on a simple excel spreadsheet will challenge participants to apply new knowledge to their daily management.

 discovery workshop 

Designing Effective Change Strategies

Put in practice a powerful model to identify the root causes of observable behaviors and design effective change strategies to influence behaviors. An eye-opening practice for change and transformation, that has demonstrated its power in complex organizations.

 discovery workshop 

From Psychological Safety to Effective Innovation

After a brief description of the 4 steps leading to the security of questioning, interactive activities will introduce participants to practical actions that can contribute to an organizational climate conducive to the emergence of innovation, resilience and antifragility.

 discovery workshop 

Anticipate With Strategic Agility

What will your business be like in 10, 20, 30 years? It depends on your ability to leverage emerging technological, social, workforce and other shifts. Learn practices to envision prospective futures and explore what it would mean to prepare today.

Discovery workshops
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Exploring the Leadership Imperative

This course is for aspiring as well as experienced leaders and managers operating in times of ever-accelerating disruptive change and committed to develop their ability to lead with agility.

Duration: 14 hours + two 1.5 hour sharing sessions

Next session: private training only - contact us

Certification: ICAgile Leading with Agility (ICP-LEA)

Agile Leadership Journey

Advanced agile leadership course to develop leadership self-awareness, capacity, and situational agility, and to expose and align organizational values and learn how to assess and shape organizational culture.

Duration: 14 hours

Next session: private training only - contact us

Certification: ALJ Certified Aware Leader

Psychological Safety
The Foundation for Team Performance

This workshop walks leaders through the 4 stages to move from inclusion to innovation, focusing on actionable steps leaders can take to incorporate psychological safety into their own leadership.

Duration: 8.5 hours in six sessions

Next session: private training only - contact us

Instructor-led training
Keyboard and Mouse


Agile Leadership
Leading in the Age of Constant Change

Popular 1.5 hour course on Udemy to develop agile leadership skills through short videos and quizzes.

Duration: 1.5 hour

Authentic Leadership
Actionable Practices and Examples

Popular 1-hour course on Udemy to gain self-awareness, influence and develop honest relationships, through short videos, exercises and quizzes.

Duration: 1 hour

Agile Leadership
Self-Assessment (free)

Assess your behaviors across nine themes and three dimensions: servant-leadership, value creator and intrapreneur.

Duration: 15 minutes

Self-paced training


Enhance your team's effectiveness with instructor-led training delivered privately to your organization, live online, or to any preferred location.

  • Benefit from a training tailored to your needs while based on an existing training that has already demonstrated its effectiveness

  • Provide your team with practical, hands-on experience that can immediately be applied to their job

  • Enjoy a worry-free training event with all the details handled by Agile Leader Academy

  • Integrate the training into your own learning and development programs

Private training
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