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About Us

Transforming Leaders to Transform their Organizations

Our goal is to help leaders develop their abilities to lead change and to build adaptive and value-focused organizations that thrive in a fast-changing, unpredictable environment. In one word: Agility.

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Our Story

In 2010, Bruno Collet founds Synapsys Canada Inc. to offer advisory and coaching services in management, transformation, and project management.

At this time, Bruno Collet's future partner, Daniel Gagnon, a career project and portfolio manager, experiences agile firsthand with a small, effective team delivering outstanding results compared to the benchmarks in a large financial organization. The tipping point is crossed.

2015   FOCUS

As of 2015, the Bruno Collet and his company Synapsys Canada decide to focus exclusively on transformative leadership and adaptive organization, often under the umbrella terms of “organizational agility”.

During this period of time, Daniel Gagnon joins his organization’s Enterprise Agile Center of Excellence and, a few years later, becomes Enterprise Agile Practice lead at a large financial company. In 2019, Daniel gains the title of Disciplined Agile Fellow, being one of only four in the world.


While sipping a beer in downtown Montreal, Bruno Collet and Daniel Gagnon share their mutual realization that organizational transformation must start with leaders and that the ultimate goal is to build an adaptive organization made of happy people. This can be achieved with leadership development, mindset, and action-learning (rather than agile delivery methods). Agile Leader Academy is born, as a brand of Synapsys Canada Inc.


Agile Leader Academy develops advisory, coaching, and training solutions and expands activities in Canada, USA, and European Union, collaborating with several top-level professionals along the way.

Meet The Team


Bruno Collet is an advisor, trainer and coach in organizational transformation and leadership.

He has worked with many organizations in Canada, Europe and elsewhere, to help them become more flexible in the face of change and to equip leaders with transformation skills. In one word: agility.


His approach is based on action-learning and experimentation on cultural, structural, strategy and talent aspects, always with respect for people.


In addition to his consulting activities, Bruno Collet teaches leadership agility at the Executive Education School of HEC Montreal university, agile organizational design at management school of ESG+ UQAM university, the Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP) certification course at PMI Montreal, as well as several training courses at Quebec’s Ordre of HR Professionals du Québec. He is also an accredited ICAgile instructor.


Bruno Collet holds an MBA, a Masters in Computer Science, and the PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Professional), ICP-LEA (Leading with Agility), ICP-ORG (Adaptive Organization), ICP-AHR (Agile HR), and ICP-ENT (Enterprise Coaching) certifications.

Bruno Collet

Founder & Executive Partner

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Daniel Gagnon is an organizational agility advisor, coach, and trainer with close to three decades of diversified experience.


One of four Disciplined Agile Fellows in the world, he describes himself as a passionate servant leader and ethical disruptor.


Daniel focuses on helping leaders evolve their mindsets to foster the emergence of true organizational agility. To this end, he became an Agile Leadership Journey Guide in 2019 and co-developed an ICP-LEA certifying workshop with Bruno Collet, with whom he has partnered as a co-founder of Agile Leader Academy.

Daniel Gagnon

Co-founder & Executive Partner

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Globally-recognized certifications in Agility


Innovation and creativity accelerator of HEC University of Montreal

K2 Leadership Development

Helping leaders build psychological safety




Public transit - Energy - Banking - Videogame - Telecom - Pharma - Healthcare - Legal 


people trained


events and publications


Sample Projects

Enabling innovation and strategic anticipation

In a large public transit company, we helped leaders develop the organizational capability to innovate and to incorporate strategic anticipation (also called prospective) in their strategic planning.

Leaders learned the skills for agility and innovation through concrete application of methods and practices in their real work environment.

As a result, the company successfully came up with innovative solutions to complex problems and recurring operational issues. Additionally, the company’s top management started integrating discovery activities in strategic planning to leverage long-term opportunities and mitigate long-term risks.

Transitioning from a rigid functional structure to value-oriented flexible teams

With a major energy company, we helped an 80 people IT department to collaborate seamlessly between multiple specialized functions to deliver more value to its internal partners and adapt to fast-changing priorities.

We coached leaders to develop transversal management, a common vision, and to lead their teams with agility. We assisted teams to self-reorganize and adopt ways of working to focus on value delivery and quick synchronization.

As a result, the department’s partners benefitted from a renewed focus on value and collaboration, managers could concentrate on strategy, providing overall directions and empowering teams, while team performance and happiness improved.

Transforming portfolio and project management to foster market-specific adaptability while ensuring discipline and compliance

In a pharmaceutical company, we helped leaders reorganize business portfolio and project management to strike the right balance between compliance and decentralization, particularly for product segments subject to strict regulations.

We ran a series of leadership workshops and subject matter expert consultations to obtain a common understanding of the selection of initiatives and value creation process, before coaching people to redefine and experiment with the new portfolio and project management processes.

As a result, the company was able to address its very diverse markets (prescription drugs, cosmetics, localized products, etc.) in an efficient, flexible yet discipline manner from product inception to commercialization and beyond.

Leveraging product centricity to accelerate value delivery across multiple business teams

We provided coaching, training, and consulting services in two large financial institutions for multiple projects and products within several lines of business (Banking, Insurance, Brokerage).


Results included broader unity of purpose across siloes, faster time to value, and increased customer, stakeholder, and employee satisfaction.

Developing leadership agility in action-learning to improve products and services

We helped a large law firm adopt a more agile and adaptive mindset through a combination of leadership training, professional one-on-one coaching, and support of an experimental approach to product and service development.

Fostering adaptability and flexibility across a traditional engineering-to-market lifecycle

We accompanied a global, multi-brand manufacturing giant in its transition to more flexible ways of working across a full life cycle featuring design, engineering, software development, and manufacturing.


Better focus and improved lead and cycle times were among the observed benefits.

We Were There

Events, conferences, associations, and publications with which we participated to as speakers, teachers, or authors.


Agile Leader Academy is a brand of Synapsys Canada Inc.


Address: 299 2e Avenue, Deux-Montagnes, Quebec, J7R 4X8 Canada

Quebec enterprise number: 1166340027

Canada federal enterprise number: 82695 0651

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