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Leadership Agility

Expand your leadership range to deal with change and the growing diversity of situations

Most leaders have a go-to leadership style. However, in the increasingly turbulent world, they are expected to deal with a much larger variety of challenges. We propose a simple and effective leadership framework to gain awareness of one’s leadership style and explore avenues to expand the range of leadership abilities to deal with the concrete situations that your organization is facing.

In this private 1.5 hour presentation-discussion with up to 8 people of your choice, participants will get an overview of our leadership development stages, gain an awareness of their leadership styles, and explore how they could expand the range of their leadership skills.


1.5 hour

Formats available

  • Online group meeting with up to 8 participants

  • On premise group meeting with up to 8 participants

  • Online individual coaching

  • Duration and formats can be customized on request

Creative Thoughts

This discovery workshop is for you if ...

  • You want leaders to gain awareness of the stages of leadership development and how different leadership styles address different types of situations

  • You want to better understand how to scope a possible leadership development program

  • You want to challenge your organization’s current leadership habits in a constructive and structured way

  • You want to encourage leaders to take their leadership development in their own hands by looking at concrete needs and answering the question “what’s in it for me?”

  • You want to provide leadership development experts and leaders with recognized models to guide their leadership development efforts


​People who have enjoyed this discovery workshop include people in management or senior positions who are of will be involved in change and transformation, who held positions in leadership development, change management, strategic planning, HR, finance, marketing, IT, product/project management, and innovation, to name a few.

Main topics

  • Using the leadership development stages model, identify the personal and collective dominant leadership style

  • Based on the leadership development stages model, discuss other leadership behaviors that would be effective in the organization

  • Explore how the current leadership development efforts support the needs for evolution

  • Reflect on you own leadership style and what you could experiment to broader the range of your leadership abilities

Online Teacher

Teaching approach

Story-based teaching

Instructors narrate stories based on their own experience in real organizations. Through the story, participants will recognize key situations and challenges that they are facing or might face, setting the stage for a pragmatic and engaging discussion.

Actionable practices

Instructors present practices, models, frameworks, or methods that can help solve the challenges at hand. Participants discuss their applicability in your organization’s context.


The discovery workshop includes a guided group discussion and an individual reflection. Interactive activities make use of simple tools everyone is comfortable with and do not require using complex tools.

Trainers' expertise

Agile Leader Academy’s instructors have at least ten years of leadership and transformation experience. Additionally, our instructors have at least 500 hours of professional teaching and coaching experience with recognized organisations such as professional certifications bodies and universities.

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