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The Agile Leadership course series is for leaders and for those aspiring to leadership in today’s fast-paced, dynamic world. Whether you are an executive, a manager, a team leader or an expert, you are in a position where Agile Leadership will help you grow, make a difference for people around you and for your organization.

The Agile Leadership course series is structured around the 3D Agile Leader model, which comprises 3 dimensions of each 3 themes.


To know more about the 3D Agile Leader Model, take the Agile Leadership introduction course on Udemy

As an Agile Leader, these courses will help you develop the leadership skills to:

  • Accelerate the delivery of your organization's products and services

  • Improve the value your organization delivers to your customers and other stakeholders

  • Generate positive impact on the community and, doing so, improve your organization's reputation and results

  • Take the lead by developing the capability of innovation

  • Make your organization adaptable - a learning organization

Your Instructor

Bruno Collet, MBA

Bruno Collet brings 15 years of experience in agility as an advisor and coach to leaders, leading major transformations during which he was able to develop agile leadership, business agility, as well as agile innovation.

A close collaboration with various functions such as business lines, IT, human resources or marketing, allowed him to bring a transverse and holistic perspective of agility. He has worked in the banking, public transport, entertainment and telecommunications sectors, among others.

His approach favors coaching leaders in learning by doing and questioning habits in order to bring out behaviors and values conducive to agility, while keeping people at the center of the organization.

Bruno Collet holds an MBA and a Masters in Computer Science, and is also PMP, PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner), ICP-ENT (Agile Coach in Business) and ICP-AHR (Agile HR) certified. Recognized in the field of agility, he has been a speaker and trainer with PMI, Les Affaires, Agile Tour, Agile China, Order of Human Resources Advisors of Quebec, and others. Bruno Collet is the founder of Collet Consulting and Agile Leader Academy.