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Four Practices to Unlock the Power of Transversal Leadership

I've repeatedly met with leaders facing the challenge of collaborating "transversally" with their peers while they each have their own "shop" to run. Aka the infamous silo effect.

Collaborative tools, alignment meetings and the like manage the problem but do not solve it.

I vulgarized a handful of actionable practices effective for leading and managing transversally.

Have you experienced success/failure in leading/managing across fuctions? Share your stories!

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Bruno Collet advises and coaches leaders to develop the individual and organizational capability to anticipate and react to changes better and faster. In one word: Agility. His approach relies on action-learning with concrete practices, skills and behaviors. Bruno Collet executed top-level missions with several organizations internationally. He is also a recognized speaker, author and is accredited ICAgile instructor. Bruno Collet holds an MBA, MSc., as well as several certifications such as PMP, PMI-ACP, ICP-LEA (Leading with Agility), ICP-ORG (Adaptive Organization), ICP-ENT (Enterprise Coaching) and ICP-AHR (Agile Human Resources).


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