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Designing Effective Change Strategies

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70% of major change programs fail (McKinsey). One of the reasons is that change strategies do not address the real causes for why people behave the way they do. Indeed, while designing a change strategy is not difficult, more often than not, our assumption about the problem to solve is wrong.

With a clear understanding of what drives people’s behavior, selecting effective change strategies become easier. We helped our customers design change strategies that are laser-focused on target behaviors, engage people as actors of the transformation and not just recipients, and remain flexible enough to experiment and adjust continuously as the transformation unfolds.


As the center of our approach is the Six Sources of Influence Model. The six sources of influence on behavior are categorized between motivation and ability, and whether the source is personal, social (team and close coworkers), or structural (the rest of the organization and beyond). Playing across these dimensions provides a systemic view.

Let Us Help You !

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Exploratory discussion


Free 20-minute virtual discussion to explore needs and possible solutions to design effective change strategies

Online Workshop

Discovery workshop

Design Effective Change Strategies


1.5 hour private virtual presentation-discussion with your team to discover actionable practices

Online Class


Exploring the Leadership Imperative


2-day private virtual training toward transformation leadership

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