Develop your leadership skills to ...

 Accelerate  value delivery

 Anticipate  and react to changes better and faster

 Attract and grow  talented people

Lead in the age of constant change

Develop a pragmatic and sustainable capability to innovate

Build adaptable, multi-functional collaborative teams

Explore agility in public transport, financial services and more

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The Jester


Challenge political correctness

Watch video

Agile Leadership

Adopt the values and develop the leadership skills to deliver products and services faster, and to react to changes better and faster.

Agile leadership self-assessment

Free online self-assessment in 15 minutes across three dimensions: servant-leader, value creator and intrapreneur


The Jester Agility Hack 

4 minutes video showing how to challenge groupthink and excessive political correctness


Agile management hacks

5 minutes article exploring four hacks to bring agility with concrete and impactful actions


Agile Leadership online course

Popular 1.5 hour course on Udemy to develop agile leadership skills through short videos and quizzes.

Online course

Storytelling Agility Hack 

4 minutes video demonstrating the power of storytelling



A Story of Authentic Leadership 

A real story with 6 minutes video describing why authentic leadership is a prerequisite for Agility

Article with video

Fast decision-making Agility Hack 

3 minutes video demonstrating a simple technique to accelerate everyday decision-making



Learn how to innovate in a pragmatic yet powerful way catering to both short term complex problems and long term trends.

Disciplined Innovation

Learning by failing

Discover how experiments boost learning by failing, in this article (5 minutes read)


The power of experimenting

11 minutes video exploring how experimenting actually works and the leadership skills making it possible



Agile Talent

Develop flexible, empowered, happy people to improve agility... and leverage agility to attract and engage talent

Role of Human Resources in Agility

How can HR help Agility, and Agility help HR? How does Agility affect HR responsibilities?

Video (50 minutes)

From functions to roles

Explore how to shift from formal functions to flexible roles in order to achieve more agility

Video (9 minutes)

From committees to communities

Explore the shift from formal, traditional committees to organic, transversale communities

Video (13 minutes)

What does HR think about Agility?

Article looking at HR's perception of why agile, what is agility and HR role in agile (5-minute read)


Authenticity or Being yourself

Leverage the power of authenticity as a leader or manager

Video (3 minutes)


Industry Agility

Explore how agility helps diverse functions and industries thrive in a volatile environment

Traditional budgeting kills agility

Article investigating how traditional budgeting kills agility (10-minute read)


Agility in public transit

Exploring the need for agility in public transit organizations facing digital transformation (5-minute read)



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